[Industrial Internet Topics]Kaos has solved the pain points of enterprises. How does the Industrial Internet press the “fast forward button” for China’s intelligent manufacturing?

Enterprise transformation during the epidemic is a big test question.

How does Shandong Haisibao Apparel Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Haisibao) solve this big test question?

With the help of Kaos Industrial Internet to solve the problems of transformation and production conversion, and to improve speed and efficiency through more optimized solutions, the transformation of HiSilicon under the epidemic is a classic textbook for China’s Industrial Internet to provide solutions for enterprises.

Founded in 2008, Haisibao is a professional manufacturer of denim clothing integrating industry and trade. Under the epidemic situation in 2020, in order to effectively support the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, HiSilicon actively responded to the government’s call and quickly transformed the production of protective clothing and masks.

However, medical supplies and traditional clothing are two different fields. From users, materials, channels and equipment, new systems and processes are required. Who can help Heisburg to solve this problem?

As a banner of China’s Industrial Internet, Kaos has provided a complete set of solutions. Many people also have doubts, and even privately discuss whether Kaos can bring substantial changes to Heisburg.

Kaos solves the pain points of enterprises

Relying on the strong supply chain ecological capability of the COSMOPlat industrial Internet platform, HiSilicon completed the integration of the whole process production equipment and production raw materials and other resources at the first time, and completed the core production line, equipment, raw materials, etc. in less than 3 days The deployment of production resources has successfully achieved the landing of protective clothing production lines and mask production lines.

The solution given by Kaos is to enhance the digitization of HiSilicon. Under the overall layout of lean production, through the customized development and deployment of software and hardware, HiSilicon finally realizes customers’ autonomous online ordering and automatic system layout. , Automatic cutting, MES system drives the full-process manufacturing of each operation unit.

In terms of production conversion, Kaos fully utilizes its ecological supply chain capabilities to efficiently and accurately match the production equipment and raw materials of protective clothing, masks and other materials for enterprises. It quickly obtained the second-class domestic medical device and the EU CE and US FDA certification. As of the end of July 2020, it has produced more than 1 million pieces of medical protective clothing, more than 20 million pieces of medical masks, and achieved sales of more than 50 million yuan of epidemic prevention materials; 10 million orders from overseas customers.

As the earliest and most influential industrial internet platform in China, the Kaos industrial internet platform built by Haier based on the “Rendanheyi” model and more than 30 years of advanced manufacturing experience is the world’s first to introduce users to participate in the whole process of experience , A platform with China’s independent intellectual property rights.

At present, the Kaos industrial Internet platform has realized cross-industry and cross-domain ecological empowerment, helped enterprises with blood transfusion and self-hematopoietic functions, and helped enterprises transform through digitalization, contributing to the “Chinese model” for the transformation and upgrading of Chinese enterprises to high-end intelligent manufacturing. .

HiSilicon is just the tip of the iceberg that Kaos helps Chinese companies realize intelligent manufacturing and improve their digitalization process. Enterprises in different fields such as Wuhan Huangshi Dongbei Electric Co., Ltd. and Shaanxi Weizhi Garment Industry Development Co., Ltd. are all beneficiaries of the Kaos Industrial Internet Platform.

Kaos helps companies practically improve efficiency and work efficiency, improve the digitalization process, reduce inventory and reduce circulation links, increase product added value, reduce costs, and enhance brand influence.

Why do you say that Kaos contributed the “Chinese model”?

At present, the process of “Made in China 2025” is more than halfway through, and the impact of the new crown epidemic is also forcing China’s industrial Internet and China’s intelligent manufacturing industry to speed up again. In the era of the Industrial Internet, the world is in a critical period when the industrial structure is uncertain. This is also a rare opportunity for China to seize a new round of discourse power and realize the transformation from a follower to a leader. Looking at China’s industrial Internet platforms, the COSMOPlat industrial Internet platform of COSMOPlat can be said to have an absolute leading edge.

First of all, as an “old scalper” who has overcome difficulties in China’s industrial Internet, Kaos’ differentiated solutions have helped many companies provide transformation and production conversion solutions. The ecological empowerment model created by Kaos with “big enterprises and sharing with small enterprises”, builds a 1+X+N ecosystem of multilateral interaction, co-creation and sharing, and realizes co-creation and win-win with thousands of enterprises , and also allow more small and medium-sized enterprises to have the opportunity to access and use the platform.

Taking the production plant of HiSilicon as an example, with the help of Kaos Haizhiyun, the level of intelligence, networking and informatization of the HiSilicon factory has been greatly improved, the production efficiency has increased by 28%, and the delivery cycle has been reduced from 45 days. Reduced to 7 working days. And broke the barriers of foreign trade bulk goods, making it a reality to take the road of flexible small batch orders and personalized custom orders, the minimum order quantity has been reduced from 1,000 pieces to 1 piece, the inventory has been reduced by 35%, and the product gross profit margin has been increased from 12.5% ​​to 40%. % or more, realizing the transformation from mass manufacturing to mass customization.

Secondly, as a “pioneering bull” for the innovation and development of the industrial Internet, Kaos has already led the country and even the world in many aspects. Relying on the in-depth cultivation in the field of industrial Internet, Kaos has become the earliest and fastest Chinese industrial Internet platform to participate in the formulation of standards, and has led and participated in 36 national standards and 5 international standards in the world, covering mass customization, The six major fields of intelligent manufacturing, intelligent factory, intelligent production, industrial big data, and industrial Internet have enabled the mass customization model to achieve worldwide leadership.

Among them, in the leadership of international standards, Kaos has led the formulation of global standards for mass customization such as ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers).

In terms of industrial digitization, enabling high-quality development of enterprises, and industrial Internet ecological construction, Kaos has also achieved rich practical results. It has established 7 centers, covering 12 regions across the country, replicated and promoted in 20 countries, and has been selected as a cross-industry and cross-domain industrial Internet platform of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for two consecutive years.

Not only that, at the 6th China Industry Awards Conference, KAOS won the first place in the category of China Industry Awards with the “Demonstration Project of Intelligent Manufacturing Transformation and Upgrading Based on KAOS Industrial Internet Platform”, becoming the only selected platform in the field of industrial Internet .

From the perspective of China’s scientific and technological innovation and improving the level of intelligent manufacturing, China not only needs to strengthen top-level design and policy guidance in the field of industrial Internet, pay close attention to standard development and application evaluation, but also needs to have more platforms like Kaos for China’s intelligent manufacturing. Press the “fast forward key”.


Author: Yoyokuo