“Integration and innovation, hand in hand” INVT power supply and network energy national tour exhibition set sail grandly

In 2021, under the dual stimulation of the digital transformation of the national economy and the new infrastructure policy, the development of the data center industry has ushered in a highlight moment.

As one of the construction brands in the data center field, INVT will hold a national tour of data center energy solutions in 2021 to discuss future development plans with industry experts and partners. INVT hopes to open up cooperation, achieve win-win results through cooperation, and work with partners to expand the industry and share the new dividends of the green digital economy.

The first stop of the national tour, Hangzhou

On the afternoon of April 9th, the national tour exhibition with the theme of “Integration and Innovation, Hand in Hand”, hosted by INVT Power & Net Energy and co-organized by INVT’s Zhejiang partner Hangzhou Zhuozhi Power, set sail in Hangzhou!

Industry colleagues and partners in Zhejiang region gathered together and successfully fired the first shot for INVT’s 2021 National Tour of Data Center Energy Solutions. During the meeting, the participating members conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on the development trend and application of efficient, reliable, green and energy-saving technologies in data centers.

“Integration and innovation, hand in hand” INVT power supply and network energy national tour exhibition set sail grandly

Conference speech

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Dong Lanting, the domestic sales director of INVT Power, gave an opening speech for this year’s national tour. In his speech, Mr. Dong Lanting expressed his gratitude to all the guests who came to the meeting.

“Integration and innovation, hand in hand” INVT power supply and network energy national tour exhibition set sail grandly

Discussion on Market and Cooperation Mode

After the speech, Mr. Dong Lanting expressed INVT’s “market-oriented, customer-centric” business philosophy through a lively speech, and comprehensively introduced INVT’s 19-year development history, strong R&D and production capabilities, and scientific supply chain. Management ensures product delivery and quality, gathers partners, and serves end users wholeheartedly, and has won unanimous praise from our customers.

According to CCID Consulting’s report, INVT’s modular UPS sales in the Chinese market have ranked the top two for five consecutive years.

Data Center Energy Solutions Promotion

Mr. Yang Weizhong, product manager of INVT Net Energy, shared the rapid development of informatization construction and national support policies in recent years. In order to meet the needs of users, INVT will continue to upgrade and provide better solutions.

The meeting focused on the introduction of Yingzhi series, Weizhi series, Tengzhi series integrated micro-module data center, UPS (full power chain 10-1500KVA) full series of products and typical application cases in various industries in China. INVT is committed to creating products that are safe, reliable, green and efficient, simple and intelligent, and worry-free for operation and maintenance.

With the acceleration of new infrastructure, emerging fields such as 5G, big data, artificial intelligence, and industrial Internet will usher in rapid development, driving the IDC market to continue to grow rapidly. Intelligent micro-modules integrate the advantages of various technical characteristics and match the characteristics of data centers in the new era, and are becoming the mainstream trend of data center construction and development.

INVT Power & Networks will continue to deploy micro-module data center product lines, release the value of data elements to drive the digital transformation of the industry, and consolidate the road to new infrastructure.

Author: Yoyokuo