Invested US$300 million ASMPT Zhilu Capital advanced packaging materials project settled in Sino-Singapore Suchu High-tech Zone

According to Sino-Singapore Su Chu report, on November 4, ASM Pacific Technology Group (ASMPT) and Zhilu Capital Joint Venture Advanced Packaging Materials Project (AAMI) signed a contract to settle in Sino-Singapore Su Chu High-tech Zone.

The Advanced Packaging Materials Project (AAMI) is jointly invested and constructed by ASMPT Group and a consortium led by Zhilu Capital, a core member of Zhongguancun Rongxin Industry Alliance. It is planned to invest 300 million US dollars in Zhongxin Suchu High-tech Zone, covering an area of ​​181 acres, to build semiconductor packaging materials production. After the project is put into production, it is expected to achieve an annual output value of over 2 billion yuan.

The settlement of this project will greatly enhance the supporting capacity of the integrated circuit industry in the city and surrounding areas, complement and strengthen the semiconductor packaging and testing industry chain, and promote the further agglomeration and development of related industries.

According to the data, ASMPT was established in 1975 and listed in Hong Kong in 1989, providing technologies and solutions for the process steps of semiconductor packaging and Electronic product production, including from semiconductor packaging materials and back-end (chip integration, welding, packaging) to SMT process .

Author: Yoyokuo