LMI Technologies Announces Gocator 3520, Its Latest 5MP 3D Snapshot Sensor

LMI Technologies Announces Gocator 3520, Its Latest 5MP 3D Snapshot Sensor

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The 3520 continues and expands the application scope of LMI stereo 3D snapshot sensors, including robot-mounted sensors for online inspection, scanning of objects on stop-and-go production lines, and other common industrial automation applications.

The Gocator 3520 is suitable for the following applications:

● Scan and inspect mechanical components such as automotive powertrains (engine and transmission), body-in-white or wheel alignment

● Concatenate multiple scan data to generate complete 360° models of parts and assemblies for surface measurement and inspection

● Applications where the robot is equipped with sensors that communicate XYZ coordinates to the robot for precise pick and place

● Detection requirements that require expanded vision and high precision in common industrial automation applications

Easy integration with robots

The sensor’s larger field of view and shorter mounting clearance allow the user to minimize the distance traveled by the robotic arm, thereby increasing the overall detection range. This design also provides the robot with a greater range of motion to support different scan angles.

High Intensity LED Projection and Stereo Camera Design

The Gocator 3520 high-intensity LED projection means short exposure times and fast scan rates, producing high-quality scan data while minimizing motion blur caused by scan object vibration or motion jitter.

Mr. Terry Arden, CEO of LMI Technologies, said: “The Gocator 3520 is the latest addition to the 5-megapixel stereoscopic snapshot sensor family, which expands the scanning field of view while maintaining high XY resolution and brighter LED projection output. More applications of intelligent 3D inspection, including robot-mounted online inspection and scanning of stop-and-go objects.”

Like all Gocator 3D smart sensors, the G3520 requires no external controller or PC, has built-in 3D inspection software, takes measurements right out of the box, and integrates seamlessly with existing systems. With an integrated smart sensor mounted on the robotic arm, users can easily perform built-in hand-eye calibration between the robot and the sensor, enabling intelligent 3D inspection of the robot and improving the level of industrial automation.

About LMI Technologies

As a global leader in 3D scanning and in-line inspection, LMI Technologies is committed to improving production efficiency and production quality through 3D sensor technology. Through its commitment to developing fast, accurate and reliable 3D intelligent inspection technology for diverse users in a variety of industries, the award-winning LMI Corporation’s FactorySmart® laser, snapshot and line confocal sensors help customers improve production efficiency and production quality. Unlike contact measurement methods or 2D vision systems, our products greatly eliminate complexity and effectively reduce implementation costs.

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