Medical packaging mould

Medical packaging moulds, like testing tube moulds, Petri dish moulds, syringe moulds and drugs packaging molds. Sino Mould can export these moulds for you, and also can offer the whole production line for medical packaging molding line.
Medical packaging mould have high requirement on the products health, like syrings, Petri dishes, testing tube must be made by stainless mould steel, like S136 or DIN1.2316… this steel material is anti-rust, and tempered hardness HRC ±48,this can meet the high speed injection, because these products is disposable products.
Here updated the mould information for Petri dish moulds: 90 mm disposable Petri dish mould with 4 cavity, mould size: 450 x 450 x 450 mm, molding raw material is PS; mould cycle time: 8s; Guaranteed mold life: 500000 shots; suitable machine model: DKM188T.
We also can offer dustless workshop for Medical packaging moulds, Welcome to contact us for enquiry.

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