Melexis launched pre-driver chips MLX81340 and MLX81344 to realize the miniaturization design of 500W electromechanical modules based on LIN

With Melexis ASIL-B single-chip pre-driver, thermal management applications such as oil pumps, water pumps and coolant pumps, blowers, fans, and valves can be improved

Melexis, a global microelectronics engineering company, announced today that it has launched a new LIN BLDC motor pre-driver chip solution for automotive electromechanical applications-MLX81340 and MLX81344, which have the advantages of small size, high performance and high power. MLX81340 (32KB flash memory) and MLX81344 (64KB flash memory) have built-in three-channel high-side and low-side drivers. It can control an external NFET with a capacitance of up to 60nC, and handle applications with a power up to 500W.


Melexis launched pre-driver chips MLX81340 and MLX81344 to realize the miniaturization design of 500W electromechanical modules based on LIN

The MLX81340 and MLX81344 pre-driver chips introduced by Melexis further expand the single-chip third-generation LIN motor driver product series. The new chip integrates LIN communication interface, high-side and low-side drivers, and provides a protection mechanism for external power FETs. MLX81340 and MLX81344 are available in pin-compatible 4mm x 4mm QFN24 and 5mm x 5mm QFN32 packages, which help greatly reduce PCB size.


Melexis launched pre-driver chips MLX81340 and MLX81344 to realize the miniaturization design of 500W electromechanical modules based on LIN

“Whether it is applications with power below 10W or applications up to 1000W, our LIN driver chip family can provide customers with tailor-made solutions. These products adopt a single-chip integrated solution, which can effectively save space, simplify design and Improve reliability.” said Marc Lambrechts, product line manager for Melexis embedded motor drives. “Our innovative driver chip provides a perfect balance of price and performance in a wide range of applications, and can help customers create versatile and highly competitive mechatronics solutions.”

Both chips are equipped with Melexis’ high-voltage SOI technology, and integrate analog and digital circuits and driver stages. The driver stage includes high-side and low-side drivers, charge pumps, voltage monitors for protecting external FETs, and current detection. The chip is equipped with a LIN controller and physical layer, PWM generator, and diagnostic and watchdog functions, which can perform smooth and quiet field-oriented control (FOC) on the BLDC motor. MLX81340 and MLX81344 are developed according to the ISO26262 standard and meet SEooC (Independent Safety Unit) ASIL-B, and can perform appropriate safety diagnosis and safety operations for demanding applications.

Melexis provides technical support for developers using MLX81340 and MLX81344, including a complete LIN software communication protocol stack and application code examples, so that users can quickly start evaluating their own mechatronics prototypes. These examples bring together Melexis’ rich experience in sensorless motor drive (Trusense?) and FOC, and can help users achieve efficient and low-noise operation.

Both chips meet the AEC-Q100 standard, and the specified operating temperature range is -40°C to 150°C.

Samples are now available. For more information about this product, please visit:

About Melexis

Melexis combines infinite enthusiasm for technology with inspirational engineering design ideas, and is committed to designing, developing, and providing innovative microelectronic solutions to help designers smoothly transform their ideas into ideal applications that perfectly meet future needs. Melexis has advanced mixed-signal semiconductor sensor and actuator components, which can solve the various challenges encountered by new generation products and systems when integrating sensing, driving and communication components. It not only helps to enhance the safety and efficiency of products and systems, It is also conducive to promoting sustainable development and improving ease of use.

Melexis is a global leader in automotive semiconductor sensors. At present, every new car produced globally is equipped with an average of 13 of our chips. Melexis makes full use of its core experience in automotive Electronic components to actively expand the product portfolio of sensors and driver chips, and to meet a wide range of needs in markets such as smart home appliances, smart homes, industrial and medical applications. Melexis’ sensing solutions include magnetic sensors, MEMS sensors (pressure, TPMS, infrared), sensor interface chips, optoelectronic single-point and linear array sensors, and time-of-flight technology. Melexis’ driver chip product line includes advanced DC and brushless DC motor control chips, LED driver chips and FET pre-driver chips. At the same time, Melexis has accumulated a wealth of professional knowledge and experience to ensure that components can communicate clearly and quickly.

Melexis is headquartered in Belgium and has more than 1,500 employees in 18 locations worldwide. The company has been listed on the Brussels Euronext (MELE).

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