METRAUM honored to win the “Outstanding Scientific and Technological Achievement”

METRAUM honored to win the “Outstanding Scientific and Technological Achievement”

 METRAUM honored to win the “Outstanding Scientific and Technological Achievement”


The Fourteenth Scientists Forum has held in Beijing on Sept. 18th . The theme of this forum is scientific and technological innovation leads to big science, big strategy and big industry. More than 800 scientists and entrepreneurs from all over China attended the meeting. The general manager of METRAUM, Mr. Fu attended the event as a special guest.




During the meeting, Mr. Fu received an exclusive interview with CCTV and economic news media. He said, METRAUM will always focus on the alloy enterprise and keep an open mind to learn advanced technology experience at home and abroad. METRAUM will develop the spirit of craftsman, constantly open up new ideas, promote the rapid development of the alloy market, and fill the blank of domestic high-end nickel alloy.



METRAUM, as the factory of China always provides customers with the best quality products. For many years, we have formed many superior products, such as N06600, N06601, N06022, N10276, N06200, N06035,N04400, N05500……Finally in the meeting, Mr. Fu received the honor from leaders of country, the “Outstanding Scientific and Technological Achievement”. The vigorous development of enterprises can not be separated from the support of the state, and the affirmation of the enterprises by the state will promote the development of enterprises more rapidly.

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