Mold processing equipment

There are so many mould tooling equipments in our cnc machining center, such as lath, EDM, high speed milling, CNC milling, engraving, wire cutting, wire cut EDM, boring machine and so on.Now let me introduce the function of some type of these machines.
1. High speed milling(Fidia/Italy), special for high precision products such as thinwall container,3+2 axis can be adjusted to every side tooling, tooling precise 0.01~0.03mm.
2.CNC boring machine, precise tooling+/- 0.03mm,for such as perform plate tooling,and other mould plate.In the range of 16~300mm holes.
3.EDM (Sodick/Japan) ,Two side tooling at the same time,1200*500*800,precise tooling +/-0.05mm
4.Wire cut (Sodick/Japan) High requirement product mould,informal shape product tooling,small inserts,precise tooling +/-0.005mm~0.01mm.
5.Lathing,for rough tooling, preform inserts rough tooling,+/-0.2mm
6.CNC lathing,for semi-finishing tooling,diameter in 300mm,,+/-0.02mm
For mould tooling general first tooled by rough tooling machine for processing form,then do precision tooling,ensure accurate tooling.
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