Mould insert function

China mould maker Sino Mould is a professional mould maker in China for different kinds of plastic moulds.We have a strong team for mould design for OEM mould and packaging mould.We use solid and insert mould structure for different moulds.

Why we use insert structure in the mould?There are several obivous advantage for the mould inserts:
1. Mould insert is easier for mould maintenance;If the certain location is easily broken,we could use insert part on the mould,when it is broken,we could change the broken insert easily.
2. Core and cavity insert is easier for multi-cavity mould maintenance and tooling.For example,a 24cavity PET preform mould,we design core,cavity,split all with insert parts,which is easier for adjusting eccentricity problem.When the mould shipped to our customer’s side,if there is any part broken during the production,we could send the new inserts easily.
3. Mould insert structure could save steel material with same mould strength.

Sino Mould China could offer you good quality moulds with a fine solution. you have any question,please feel free to contact me with.Thanks.

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