NEC 104PW191

NEC 104PW191 NEC 104PW191 NEC 104PW191

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1.1 Structure and priniple
  104PW191 inverter for LCD(Liquid crystal display) modules is composed of a DC/AC iversion circait,a luminance eontrlo circait and a boosting transforme.
  The DC/AC inversion circuit inverts a  direct current (DC) Power supply into an altar crrent (AC) by the center-tap transmitter circuit that used transstors.
The luminance control circuit can control the luminance of cold cahode lamps ofr LCD backlight unit.tothe high AC voltage.Also the high AC voltage is outputed from a secondary side of thebosting transformer.
1.2 Applications
  High AC voltage generator of cold cathode fluorescnt lamp for LCD
1.3 Features
  Pulse width modlion circuit
2.General specifications
  Luminance control system Pulse width modulation
  Input voltage for power supply 12V(typ)
  Input current Power supoply for inverter 530~750mA
  Outpu voltage At steady state 60Vrms
  Outpu voltage At open(e.g.Start-working of lamp) 1250~1500Vrms.
  Combined load Resistance 85ko
  Combined load Stra capacity 5pF
  Oscillation frequency 65kHz
  Board size 105.0(W)*26.5(H)*100(D)mm
  Weight 20.0g
  Adaptable product LCD moule NL0276BC20-04
High voltage caution 750mA/1500V

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