New Application Area for Stainless Steel Pipes – Stainless Steel Water Supply Pipes

While the use of stainless steel pipes is becoming more and more common, its application fields are constantly expanding, especially now that many water pipes are also made of stainless steel.

First of all, in terms of safety and health, the professional stainless steel water supply pipe material meets the national drinking water standard. The stainless steel water pipe has a smooth inner wall. It will not accumulate dirt for long-term use, and it is not easy to be contaminated by bacteria. It is not necessary to worry about the water quality being affected. Secondary pollution.

Secondly, the stainless steel water pipe has a low water leakage rate, which can save valuable water resources. In the 1980s, the leakage rate of water pipes was about 17%. After switching to stainless steel pipes, the water leakage rate dropped to 7%.

In addition, stainless steel pipes are used for long life and are more durable. The water supply system was damaged during the earthquake, but the stainless steel water pipe system was intact. The stainless steel water pipes have good corrosion resistance in all water quality including soft water, and have excellent corrosion resistance even when buried. In addition, compared with the copper water pipe, the stainless steel water pipe has good water permeability and does not corrode at a high flow rate.

The above is for the advantage of using stainless steel pipes as water pipes, but it is important to remember that not all 304 stainless steel pipes can be used as water pipes, and the processes used for different purposes are different.

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