New DC link capacitors provide exceptionally low ESL

TDK Corporation offers a new series of EPCOS power capacitors for DC link applications. The new capacitors are provided for rated voltages of 700VDC to 2000VDC and cover a capacitance range of 20µF to 270µF. The current handling capacity can be up to 60A at 65C to tolerate current peaks of up to 7.5kA. The maximum permissible hot spot temperature is 85C.

The capacitors’ notably low ESL values can be as low as 13nH, depending on the type. Due to this and the low ESR values of min. 0.9mOhm, the capacitors of the B2563xE* series are ideal for inverter solutions with fast-switching power modules. The low ESR value stays stable even at high switching frequencies of 100kHz, while the low parasitic coefficients stop significant voltage overshoots even when high currents are switched off.

The capacitors’ plastic cylindrical cases conform with UL 94 V0. Two connection types are offered: M8 threaded bolts or M5 threaded holes.

Typical applications include fast-switching converters and inverters for photovoltaic systems, traction in railway technology and inductive heating systems.

Author: Yoyokuo