NX1953 sketch zoom in and out the solution to the change of the dimension

After using NX1953, the most unbearable thing is the various problems in the sketches. Now let’s take a look at the experience that I have used for a few days.

  • ①Change of sketch shortcut keys. There is no way, I can only refer to my previous usage habits and change them back one by one.
  • ②The dimension of the sketch will be enlarged and reduced with the enlargement and reduction of the sketch. This is the most intolerable. After the sketch is reduced, the size is too small to be seen. After a few days of tossing, I finally found a way to change it.
  • ③The problem that the sketch shows the color of the object. My own habit is to display emerald green lines when the sketch is fully constrained, so I modified the NX modeling template. But the new version ignores your template settings by default, and it feels quite inconvenient every time you click “View”-“Display Object Color” in the sketch interface. The method to be found later is to check the “Display Object Color” in the second part of the red letter in the above picture.
  • ④ On the dimensioning of sketches. The new version of the dimensioning method feels that it is design-oriented. After using it, the intelligence is much better than the old version, and it is very flexible to use. You can adapt to this suggestion.
  • ⑤The origin is not displayed when creating a new sketch at the beginning, but this has a lot of inconvenience when drawing a picture. After opening the “Origin Method”, the origin can be customized again.

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