P-channel automotive mosfets get better

P-channel automotive mosfets get better

Both the above figures are with 10V drive to the gate.

The device is the SQJA81EP, which comes in a 5.13 x 6.15mm surface-mount PowerPAK SO-8L (PowerPAK) package with gullwing leads – gullwings allow for increased automatic optical inspection capabilities and provide mechanical stress-relief for increased board-level reliability.

“With the lowest on-resistance of any -80V p-channel device, the Vishay Siliconix SQJA81EP increases power density and efficiency in automotive applications,” according to New Yorker Electronics, which is stocking the part. “on-resistance is 28% lower than the closest competing device in DPAK, while offering a 50% smaller footprint.”

Use is foreseen in reverse polarity protection, battery management, high-side load switching and LED lighting. Unlike with an n-channel MOSFET used on the high-side, no charge pump is needed with a p-channel transistor.

An 80V rating provides some safety margin on 12, 24 and 48V rails.

Part number SQJA81EP
Package PowerPAK SO-8L
Vds -80V
Vgs ±20V
Rds(on) (Vgs 10V) 14.3mΩ typ, 17.3mΩ max
Rds(on) (Vgs 4.5V) 21.9mΩ typ, 26.5mΩ max
Qgate (Vgs 10V) 52nC typ, 80nC max

New Yorker’s SQJA81EP web page is here

The SQJA81EP data sheet is here

Author: Yoyokuo