PC or PS Transparent Cup Mould from China Pastic Mould


Transparent PC or PS cup is popular among customers for its good transparency and endurance. Nowadays more and more cups are made of PC or PS and other transparent materials, such as wine cup, mug cup, water cup, beer cup etc.

PC is kind of difficult material in injection molding field. It is called “hard” material which means it has low MFI and it is not easy to plasticize. So it is difficult to inject. Also it is prone to turn yellow.

This kind of cup has high requirement over steel and molding technology.

We have done many PC and PS transparent water cup, red wine cup, container etc. We use S136 from ASSAB tempered with hardness HRC 48-52 for mould core and cavity steel.

If you have transparent cup project, please send us inquiry.

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