PCIM: Fast switching trench Schottky rectifiers are AEC-Q101 approved

PCIM: Fast switching trench Schottky rectifiers are AEC-Q101 approved

“Nexperia’s trench Schottky rectifiers combine low forward voltage and low Qrr to enable efficiency at high switching speeds as needed in switch-mode power converters,” said product manager Jan Fischer. “Automotive applications including LED lighting, in particular, will benefit from the wide safe operating area of our parts.”

Due to be released in June and August are 100V parts in CFP15B (5.8 x 4.3 x 0.95mm SOT1289B) and CFP5 (3.8 x 2.6 x 1mm SOD128) packages:

  • 100V 2A PMEG100T20ELP (CFP5)
  • 100V 3A PMEG100T30ELP
  • 100V 5A PMEG100T50ELP
  • 100V 12A PMEG100T120ELPE (CFP15B)
  • 100V 15A PMEG100T150ELPE
  • 100V 20A PMEG100T200ELPE

Those CFP15B diodes will augment these parts in the same package introduced late in 2020 and early in 2021:

  • 100V 3A PMEG100T030ELPE
  • 100V 5A PMEG100T050ELPE
  • 100V 8A PMEG100T080ELPE
  • 100V 10A PMEG100T100ELPE

Also, just released, are 100V diodes in CFP3 (1.7 x 3.5mm SOD123W)

  • 100V 1A PMEG100T10ELR
  • 100V 2A PMEG100T20ELR
  • 100V 3A PMEG100T30ELR

And in March a dual 60V (common cathode) rectifier joined the CFP15B range

  • 60V 2x 2A PMEG060T040CLPE

PCIM: Fast switching trench Schottky rectifiers are AEC-Q101 approvedTrench structure

“Trench technology results in low leakage and also greatly reduces the charge, Qrr, stored in the device,” according to the company. “Therefore, Trench Schottky rectifiers deliver very fast switching, cutting both the switching losses of the rectifier and the losses that are induced in the mosfet in the same commutation cell – a configuration that is commonly used in asynchronous switch-mode power converters.”

Picking the PMEG100T050ELPE almost at random, it offers Qrr = 9.5nC and 12ns reverse recovery (at 100mA reverse during a 500mA-forward-to-500mA-reverse step Tj=25°C). Forward voltage is typically 750mV (810mV max) at 5A (Tj=25°C).










Nexperia is investing in its portfolio of Trench Schottky rectifiers, now offering 32 devices from 40 V to 100 V and up to 15 A in volume production. A further 17 parts, including the 20 A types, are sampling. The PMEGxxxTx devices are housed in Clip Bond FlatPower packages CFP3/5/15(B). These size- and thermally-efficient packages have become the industry standard for power diodes. By featuring a solid copper clip, the packages’ thermal resistance is reduced and transfer of heat into the ambient environment is optimized, allowing small and compact PCB designs.


Designers can learn more about Nexperia’s trench Schottky rectifiers by visiting the company’s virtual booth at PCIM Digital Days
Tomorrow (Thursday 6th May 2021), the company will present a free webinar on this subject: ‘Trench Schottky rectifiers: How to increase the efficiency of your switch-mode power converter’.


Author: Yoyokuo