Pixelworks technology empowers OPPO Find X3 series and Reno 5 Pro+ smartphones

March 12, 2021-Provide the industry’s leading provider of innovative visual processing solutions-Pixelworks, Inc. (NASDAQ: PXLW) and the world’s leading technology brand OPPO jointly announced today, the new OPPO The Find X3 series of smartphones, namely Find X3 and Find X3 Pro, use Pixelworks’ efficient color calibration patents and real skin tone management technology to bring vivid and realistic Display and visual experience to OPPO mobile phone users.

The flagship product OPPO Find X3 Pro has a 6.7-inch 120Hz dynamic refresh rate AMOLED display with a maximum resolution of 1440*3216 pixels. Every Find X3 has been calibrated by Pixelworks’ patented high-efficiency calibration technology at the factory, and Pixelworks’ color management software is run on the display processor to optimize power consumption, while providing unprecedented color accuracy in smartphones. This color accuracy is applicable to all applications, user examples and content of sRGB, DCI-P3 and custom color gamuts.

Pixelworks technology empowers OPPO Find X3 series and Reno 5 Pro+ smartphones

OPPO Find X3 series smartphones utilize Pixelworks’ vision processing technology to provide excellent performance based on the following display quality:

l Absolute color accuracy – Each OPPO Find X3 mobile phone uses Pixelworks’ patented display calibration technology for factory calibration, and its average JNCD1 value is about 0.4, which means that the human eye cannot perceive any deviation from perfect color reproduction.

l Efficient calibration – In the production process, using Pixelworks technology and a fast, high-precision color checker can effectively calibrate each smartphone in all color gamuts in less than 28 seconds without retesting, thereby The standard sRGB and DCI-P3 color gamut can be calibrated in a short time.

l Real skin tone – The calibrated skin tone solution can ensure the accuracy of all display modes, presenting the realistic skin tones of real people in all content, including people in photos, videos taken by mobile phones or in movies.

In addition, the OPPO Reno 5 Pro+ smartphone integrates Pixelworks color and skin tone management technology, which is also part of the update to consumers in late January 2021. Jia Yuhu, General Manager of OPPO Display and Imaging R&D Department commented: “With Pixelworks’ patented color calibration technology, Find X3’s previous generation product, Find X2, broke the DisplayMate2 color accuracy record last year. We also integrated Pixelworks’ advanced visual processing technology into us. The latest flagship Find X3 series to optimize the display performance to meet the expectations of 5G consumers for high-quality visual quality. OPPO has always attached importance to the display experience of smartphones, and we strive for perfection to achieve the ultimate in authenticity and accuracy of the display.”

Todd DeBonis, President and CEO of Pixelworks, said: “Congratulations to OPPO for the launch of the Find X3 series of smartphones. We are delighted to continue working with industry leader OPPO to integrate Pixelworks technologies, which are the foundation for providing consumers with superior display performance. We. We look forward to further enhancing the visual experience of OPPO customers through continuous cooperation.

Time to market

The recently released OPPO Find X3 series of smartphones will go on sale in the Chinese market on March 19, 2021, and will go on sale in Western Europe on March 30. OPPO Reno 5 Pro + was released on December 24, 2020, and will be available in January 2021.

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Author: Yoyokuo