Plastic mould|Garbage Bin Mould

 Sino mould is a manufacturer for injection mould, in the garbage areas are considered to be the first. We have different capacities and designs for  the development of many countries, thus, we have accumulated lots of experiences. According to its different scope, it can be divided as follows:  household garbageindustrial garbage bins and so on.  


Household garbage:

Divided for design: Rotary garbagePedal garbageSimple garbage.

Divided for capacity: 1L5L10L15L20L25L.

The industrial usually with belt, due to its large capacity for workers to carry, it has the different sizes of wheels, like 20L40L50L60L120L240L360L650L1000L and 1100L.


For the structural design of trash, we hired a professional designer. We are using advanced software, one of the most important is CAE, each pair of mould will ensure the uniform wall thickness of the product is colorless poor. Our engineers pay much attention on mold design, a reasonable mold can improve efficiency and reduce unnecessary troubles in the later.


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