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With the development of the economy and technology, the plastic cutlery is more and more popular in our daily life. The cutlery is mainly fork, knife and spoon. China MOULD is a famous plastic cutlery mould factory.


Sino Mould has 24 years experience in making plastic mould and also it is one of the most famous plastic cutlery mold maker in China, we nearly shipped 150 sets cutlery molds annually to Uzbekistan, South Africa, Peru, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, etc. It includes the airline cutlery, daily cutlery, military cutlery, single use cutlery. The material often choose PP or PS. As for the mold cavity layout, according to the injection machine and the output, we can design personally for customer whether it is circle, square or sector. The circle one is one tip hot runner, and make the mold whole block. The square one can be full-hot runner or semi-hot runner. We can make the mold insert or whole block. Compared with the whole block, the insert is more convenient for mold modified. The steel we often use STAVAX S136, DIN.1 2344, DIN.1 2316, the HRC 42-45. Depends on different shape, mold struction, the steel (quench should need more time) the delivery time are nearly 45 days, about the cycle time, such like coffee spoon, 36 cavity, it is 7s, the min cycle time can be 6s.


If you have any related project about the plastic cutlery mould, welcome your inquiry to us, we can offer you the good quality of the cutlery mould and best service.


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