Plastic toothbrush mould

We made a plastic toothbrush mould with small bristles, and bristles area processing is the difficulty of this mold. We use EDM tooling for the bristles area, because the EDM finishing is very smooth, so this area is no need to polishing. Although it is good finishing, the bristles area is stick with the cavity. Ejector pin could not push out the toothbrush, because the material is LDPE and HDPE, and the product is soft.

After technical meeting, we think it is necessary to demoulding the bristles first, so we change the mould design, make the bristles molding in fixed core side; when the mould open, the moving cavity will take out the toothbrush first; then the ejector pin push out the product on the back area from cavity.
The facts have proved that the mould is workable.

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