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We are experienced in manufacturing plastic spoon molds and machines. Such as plastic spoon for yoghourt, Ice cream, Jelly , spoon for air plane and many other snacks. This kind spoon is one time used. So the marketing demand for this kind products will be very huge. So many customer find this is point and decide to start the production. We are plastic spoon production line manufacture .

Our company can offer you one-stop production line for producing one time used spoon. Our Sino mold branch company experienced in manufacturing plastic spoon mold, our machine branch company called Dakumar experienced in manufacturing plastic injection molding machines. Our high speed serier machine is very suitable for the spoon mold if you have a high and strict request for the cycle time. If not, we have servo motor machine to produce spoon mold also.

Below are the technical details for the spoon mold we made for other customers:

According to the production demands for customer, We have done plastic spoon mould 48 cavities, 36 cavities, 24 cavities
Mould design:
We can make the most suitable mould design according to the specific product. And we will design the gate plastic as little as possible.
Runner system:
We can use fully hot runner, semi hot runner for the spoons. As fully hot runner can save

If you have any demand for plastic spoon turnkey production line manufacture, please feel free to contact with me.


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