Precision metal stamping parts have the following characteristics

In the current industrial manufacturing, Changzhou precision stamping parts can be seen everywhere, which is a cold working process of metal plates. From the current point of view, it has weird advantages in terms of economy and technology. It can be said that it has become a promising product in the hardware environment trend. The characteristics and advantages of this product will be explained in detail below.

Precision metal stamping parts have the following characteristics

  • 1. The manufacturing of precision metal stamping parts is generally manufactured in an environment where the material consumption is not very large. The parts of metal stamping parts processing manufacturers are relatively heavy in weight. After a series of internal shaping, the strength of the product is significantly improved. .
  • 2. The size of metal stamping parts processing manufacturers is relatively precise, and the difference in size will not be too large, so it has a very large interchangeability.
  • 3. The hardware is not easily damaged during the stamping process, so the smoothness of the surface can be preserved, which greatly facilitates the later painting.

The advantages of precision metal stamping parts are generally explained as follows:

  • (1) Simple operation and high manufacturing compliance. Precision metal stamping parts are generally manufactured and processed on the basis of die and scallion equipment. Therefore, if automated equipment manufacturing is adopted, manufacturing is relatively easy.
  • (2) A mold is used when the product is stamped, so it can ensure the consistency of its size and style.
  • (3) At present, precision metal stamping can produce different styles of parts, even if the shape is relatively complex, there is no doubt, so its suitable limits are relatively wide.
  • (4) In the manufacture of precision metal stamping parts, there is usually not much scrap, so it can guarantee the sufficient use of materials, so its manufacturing cost is relatively low.

Moreover, the layout or strength of the mold is limited, and its outline should be divided into several sections for punching. For workpieces with higher flatness requirements, you can add another leveling process operation after the punching process. The complexity of the layout determines the number of processes required for the zigzag part, which depends on the number of zigzag angles, relative positions and zigzag deflection To choose.

Then why occasionally add a plastic surgery process after the twists and turns? This is because the bending radius of the zigzag part is less than the allowable value. When we add the trimming process after the blanking process, we may simply choose the fine blanking process. This is due to the relatively high requirements for the cross-sectional quality and dimensional accuracy of the workpiece.

For the processing of metal stamping parts, our goal is to process stamping parts. The designed stamping parts should be simple in style and reasonable in layout. This is beneficial to the operation of stamping, not only can improve the task yield, but also is beneficial to the structural production and mechanization of stamping parts processing. Produced with automation.

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