Producting simulation mould maker

Sino Mould China is a famous injection mould manufacturer in China.Our injection mould is with well-designed mould structure.We are good at innovation mould manufacturing.We could offer an injection molding line for our customers.Before mould shippment,we will do prduction simulation in order to test the mould quality.

For the mould production simulation,it means that after mould tooling and assembling,we will test the mould on the injection molding machine to see the mould operation,if the moving parts is working smooth or not,the sample dimension and surface is qualified or not and so on.Mould production simulation is during final mould testing,after we confirmed the samples.We will let the moulding line work at least two hours automatically in order to check the mould quality.

Sino Mould China could offer you turnkey solution for the high quality injection molding line.We could supply one stop service,include injection molding devices,customer workshop arrange,staff training and after sales service.Welcome to contact if you need more information.Thanks.

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