Push-in connector switches halve control panel assembly time

Push-in connector switches halve control panel assembly time

Commonly used in control panel and machine building applications the Push-In termination technology option is available on the industry standard YW and HW series and the CW series (flush mounting) switches.

“The IDEC S3 push-in principle greatly reduces the amount of time required to wire a control panel,” says Foremost’s Alan Vincent, “a recent study demonstrated a time saving of up to 55% when compared to more traditional methods.”

Each of these three series of switches are for 22mm mounting and available as a push button (with and without illumination), selector switch, key selector switch and pilot light/indicators.

In recent years wire termination technology has slowly migrated away from the traditional screw connector and moved towards “screw-less” terminations.

This was first seen on the simple DIN rail terminal and then on to other hardware such as PLCs, Relay sockets and more. Initially this change to screw-less was done with a “spring clamp”, however this still required a screwdriver to open the spring to allow the cable to be inserted.

More recently, the spring clamp has taken a step sideways and the “push-in termination” has taken the lead. This simple, safe and smart connectivity is now referred to by IDEC as the S3 termination.

With the PUSH-IN connection technology, the force on the conductor is generated by a pressure spring made of high-quality stainless steel. The spring sits in a cage and is automatically opened upon connection and only released when a release tool is used.

The three IDEC switch series with push-in connectivity are:

The cost-effective YW series (22 mm industrial switch family) which delivers all the key features required by the industrial automation market including push button, illuminated push button, key and selector switch.

Where the style of a product is important and must be matched by high performance the CW series (22 mm flush design industrial switch) is a popular solution. This product range commonly is used in medical appliances, consumer applications and the food industry, where aesthetics and reliability are the key to success.

The HW series (22mm industrial switch) is IDEC’s largest portfolio of switches and actuators for the industrial automation market and includes rotary switches, selector switches, combined rotary and push-button, 4 or 5 position selectors and many more options.

Author: Yoyokuo