Reasonable use is very important. Car lighting modification has skills

The eyes are the windows of the human soul, and for a car, the headlights are like human eyes. Bright eyes can allow us to receive image information more clearly. And good headlights can improve driving safety at night, making it easier and more comfortable for drivers to drive at night. However, due to production costs and other reasons, many models currently use more traditional lensless halogen headlights when they leave the factory. There is a big gap between the performance of this headlight and the xenon headlights or even the LED light source headlights. .

Based on car owners’ dissatisfaction with the performance of the original car lights, refitting headlights has naturally become a popular refitting project in the refitting market, but the knowledge and key points involved are not known to most people. Wrong modification and use will not only fail to get the desired effect, but also harm others and ourselves. Today, we will talk about what to know and pay attention to when modifying headlights.

Let me first talk about our *common halogen lamp modification xenon lamp case. The reason for the modification is that the light-emitting principle of the halogen bulb is the same as the light bulb used in our home. It relies on the use of tungsten wire to emit light, but it is limited to tungsten. The filament itself cannot withstand high temperatures. Considering its melting point, most of the original bulbs are usually set at 60W, and 60W bulbs can only emit 1000 lumens. If they are converted into 100W bulbs, it will be 1200 lumens at most. ! To increase its lumen, it needs to be updated with new luminescent materials! But limited to the limitations of the car’s own electrical system, if the wattage of the bulb is increased, it will have a lot of negative effects on the car! The emergence of xenon headlights solves the problem of insufficient brightness of car headlights. The lumens of up to 3000 lumens make the brightness of the light significantly higher than that of traditional halogen headlights.

☆ Tips: What is lumen?

Lumen is the transliteration of English Lumen, abbreviated as lm, which is a measurement unit of luminous intensity, which refers to the luminous flux emitted by a light source in a unit solid angle in a specified direction. The specific measurement is not introduced here. Interested car owners can understand that, everyone only needs to remember that the greater the lumens, the higher the luminous intensity.

● Modification of xenon headlights:

Xenon headlamps are different from traditional halogen lamps. They rely on inert gas to emit light. They are also called high-intensity discharge gas lamps, or HID (Intensity Discharge Lamp) for short. The xenon lamp breaks the tungsten filament luminescence principle invented by Edison. The quartz tube is filled with high-pressure inert gas—Xenon (xenon) to replace the traditional filament. There are mercury and carbon compounds on the two-stage electrodes. The high-voltage current stimulates the xenon gas to emit light, forming a white arc between the two poles, and the emitted light has a higher color temperature.

PS: Although xenon headlights have been popular on the market for many years, many friends still pronounce xenon (xiān) gas as hernia (shàn) gas. Friends who read it wrong should not show their timidity again after reading the article!

Due to the different working principles, the basic assembly of the xenon headlight includes: a bulb, a stabilizer and a matching cable set. Naturally, the light bulb does not need to be explained, it is the main unit of light emission, and the color temperature and brightness depend on it. The stabilizer is a device that provides an instantaneous high voltage of 23000V when the bulb is driven. It also has the function of protecting the circuit from overload and controlling the driving current. At present, the quality of products from many cottages or small factories in China is uneven, and the problems mostly occur in the stabilizer, and the line of xenon lamp products whose quality cannot be guaranteed will also cause safety hazards to the vehicle. Wrong installation or use of inferior products can cause Vehicle spontaneous combustion accident. Therefore, in addition to the lighting effect, the quality and installation of the whole set of xenon headlights are very important.

The bulbs of the xenon headlights are different from the original halogen bulbs in appearance, and the focus point will also change accordingly. After replacing the xenon bulbs, the original lamp bowl cannot effectively condense the light, so the light usually appears The scattering state, in simple terms, means that you can’t see clearly inside the car. The outside of the car is very dazzling. Not only did you fail to get the desired effect, but it also caused a safety hazard to night driving. The lens is a powerful weapon to solve this problem.

The light intensity of    xenon lamp is very high, and the light scattering area is very large. If the lens is not installed, all the light is scattered around, whether it is lighting or safety is a problem (it is an absolute killer for the opponent car). After installing the lens, the light can be controlled, which can make the shape and directivity of the light more controllable. In addition, the lens is divided into single-lens and double-lens. The single-lens lens is designed with lenses corresponding to the low beam and the high beam (the separate light bulbs are used for the far and near beams). The difference between the double-lens lens is that it can make a conversion similar to the far and near beams. It is usually in the low beam state. When the high beam is turned on at the same time, it operates the dimming shutter through the electromagnetic mechanism, so that the light of the low beam is also allocated to the high beam.

☆ Tips for using xenon lamps: For those who use xenon headlights for high beams, one thing needs extra attention, that is, when the xenon lamps are not working (when the lights are not driven during the day), do not use the high beams in rapid succession. Lights (many people have this habit when overtaking or reminding other vehicles to pay attention to pedestrians). This will not only fail to achieve the brightness of the xenon lamp, because the xenon lamp stabilizer will take a few seconds to enter the normal working state. , Such a long-term operation will make the stabilizer in the xenon headlight reimbursement in advance.

In addition, a modified bulb called golden eye is still popular on the market. Several common brands such as Philips and Osram have also introduced golden eye in the form of halogen and xenon lamps. The halogen lamp is electroplated on a white glass bulb. A layer of golden yellow substance, after the light passes through, it will show a golden yellow light. The xenon lamp changes the color of the light by changing the electrode, so it is called the golden eye. This kind of light has better penetrating power in foggy weather, can make the light shine farther, but it is usually more dazzling, it is recommended to be used as a fog light or high beam light.

☆ Misunderstanding of color temperature

The color temperature is a general indicator that indicates the spectral quality of the light source. The color temperature is defined as an absolute black body. When the radiation of the light source in the visible region is exactly the same as that of the absolute black body, the temperature of the black body at this time is called the color temperature of the light source. The characteristic of the low color temperature light source is that in the energy distribution, red radiation is relatively more, usually called “warm light”; when the color temperature is increased, the energy distribution is concentrated, and the proportion of blue radiation increases, usually called “cold light”. The color temperature of some common light sources is: standard candlelight is 1930K (Kelvin temperature unit); tungsten lamp is 2760-2900K; fluorescent lamp is 3000K; flash is 3800K; noon sunlight is 5600K; electronic flash is 6000K; blue sky is 12000-18000K.

Having said so much, maybe you look a little confused, it doesn’t matter, you just need to remember the following key points about color temperature: color temperature is not a unit representing brightness, which means that color temperature has nothing to do with brightness. On the other hand, if the color temperature is too high, it will appear bluish (higher will appear purple). The light with this color temperature has poor penetration in haze weather, so when choosing xenon headlights, never choose too high color temperature. Products (the xenon headlights with extremely high color temperature are mostly fake and inferior products, so buying genuine products from major manufacturers can also eliminate this problem).

● Visual system lighting modification

In addition to making the headlights of your car brighter and easier to use, personalized modification is also the most popular car lamp modification project at present. I believe that friends who pay attention to appearance modification must be no strangers to angel eyes and LED width lights, compared with far and near beam headlights. Modification, the lighting modification that plays a decorative and beautiful role has become a very popular modification project in the current domestic modification market.

☆ Angel eyes

There is a saying among the folks that if you install a lens without angel eyes, you can’t help yourself. This thing is like a finishing touch. If you don’t add it, it’s like a woman without makeup (maybe more appropriate contact lenses) and cannot highlight you. The charm of the pupil! Although a bit exaggerated, it is enough to prove the popularity of angel eyes.

In fact, the so-called angel eyes are the unique headlight design of BMW brand models. The yellow or other colors of the halo composed of LED lights surrounding the low beam and high beam heads are very beautiful in the width light state. *It comes from the design of BMW 5 Series headlights. When the headlights are turned on, the BMW headlights will have a halo. This halo is very similar to the halo on the head of an angel, so many users gave her a nickname: Angel Eyes.

Speaking of angel eyes, I have to mention the *recently emerging demon eyes. In fact, the light source and structure of the demon eyes and angel eyes are similar, but they are installed in the lens to achieve different visual effects. In the final analysis, angel eye modification is nothing more than the personalized appearance of the vehicle. In the modification, we should pay more attention to the product quality and installation links. All products that involve the modification of the vehicle circuit must not be hastily, so as not to bring safety due to small mistakes. Hidden dangers. At present, the quality of angel eye modification is uneven. Many car owners have encountered burnout after modification, and the lampshade needs to be disassembled for repair and installation, which is relatively troublesome, and the craftsmanship of the technician will directly affect * The final quality.

☆ LED decorative lights

In recent years, LED technology has been used by brands such as Audi and Lexus as lighting headlights. However, due to the constraints of technology and cost, LED lights are only used as personalized decorative car lights in the refitting market (compared to headlight refitting, taillights are more commonly used). For extensive). When it comes to automotive LED lights, the most representative one is the Audi brand. In recent years, Audi has been committed to the research and development of LED light source technology, and has now used LEDs in its mass-produced models (R8, A8, etc.). It’s just that compared to the LED headlights used in the expensive Audi A8, the current modified products do not have so many high-tech smart technologies. The decorative effect has naturally become the main theme of the modified LED. The domestic LED modification is as applicable as the angel eye headlights. For various models, LED light sources are different in wider application features, such as fog lamp decoration, car logo decoration, taillights, interior lights, etc.

Final Thoughts

☆ Pay attention to the brand and quality of the modified headlights:

At present, there are many kinds of refitting parts for car headlights, and the price difference is huge. The car headlights are mixed, especially the car headlights are directly related to the personal safety of driving at night, so you must be careful when choosing them. The more common halogen bulbs are available from a pair of RMB 30 to a pair of RMB 400. The bad brand-name bulbs not only have low brightness and limited life, but may also burn out the circuit. From the perspective of HID xenon headlights, the price difference between different brands is also obvious. Because HID xenon headlights are parts with very complicated crafts and technologies, bad HIDs often have a short lifespan, and stabilizers and bulbs are easy to burn. In addition, the color temperature, brightness and scattering angle often do not meet the requirements, so it is best to choose well-known products from large manufacturers, such as Osram, HELLA, Philips, Mì, etc., so as not to be too greedy for small things.

☆ Modified headlights must be based on safety

Some car owners who have changed their HID lights often arouse passersby’s disgust. On the one hand, some people choose HIDs with a high color temperature and a bluish color in order to be cooler. Then this blue light will particularly irritate the other passersby and drivers. His eyes are not only unpleasant, but also affect safety; on the other hand, many car owners do not pay attention to the rules of using lights when driving at night, such as turning on the high beam when the vehicle is wrong, flashing the lights randomly, and so on. In fact, there are many regulations and restrictions on car headlights overseas, especially xenon headlights, which have clear regulations on their color temperature, brightness and angle. Although the current domestic regulations in this area are not complete, we should also choose modified HIDs that comply with overseas safety regulations, because these regulations are formulated in accordance with the bottom line requirements of safe driving, and you should not make fun of your own lives.

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