Reasons for rough surface of gantry hydraulic press line cutting

There are many reasons for the rough surface of the gantry hydraulic line cutting. In order to process hydraulic products with high dimensional accuracy and good surface quality, let’s learn about the specific reasons today:

  • 1. The internal residual stress of the workpiece material has a great influence on the processing. When processing the heat-treated material, because the large area of ​​metal removal and blocking processing will destroy the relative balance of the internal residual stress of the material, it can then affect the processing of the part. Precision and surface quality. In order to prevent these conditions, materials with good castability, good hardenability, and small heat treatment deformation should be selected.
  • 2. The workpiece materials are not the same, melting point, vaporization point, Hydraulic Press thermal conductivity, etc. are different, so even if processed by the same method, the surface quality of the workpiece obtained by the gantry hydraulic press is not the same, so it is necessary to correct the surface quality according to the actual needs. The workpiece information is selected accordingly. For example, to achieve high precision, it is necessary to select cemented carbide materials, rather than stainless steel or unquenched high carbon steel, otherwise it is difficult to meet the required requirements.

In the process of processing the gantry hydraulic press, various parameters should be adjusted to the best condition of the hydraulic press to reduce the appearance of broken wires. If there is a broken wire, it will definitely return to the starting point, and the wire will be processed again from the head, which will reduce the surface quality and machining accuracy of the processed workpiece. In the process of processing, you should also pay attention to the sound announced by the machine tool. The sound response of normal processing is the slippery “chi-chi” sound of the very smooth hydraulic machine. At the same time, during normal processing, the pointers of the ammeter of the machine tool and the voltmeter of the hydraulic press should have a small amplitude and be in a stable condition. At this moment, the feed speed is uniform and stable.

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