Renesas claims smallest IGBT and IPM driver

Renesas claims smallest IGBT and IPM driver

Measuring 2.5mm x 2.1mm in an LSSO5 package they are claimed to be the world’s smallest optical isolated IGBT drivers and intelligent power module (IPM) driver.

The 2.5A output and 0.6A output IGBT drivers and active high output IPM driver come in low-profile LSSO5 packages with a 0.65mm pin pitch, deliver 5,000 Vrms isolation voltage, and support high temperature operation up to 125°C to withstand the harsh operating environments.

The photocoupler trio also supports 200V and 400V systems with reinforced insulation to meet stringent industrial safety standards, adhering to the strict UL61800-5-1 standards for motor drive equipment.

The RV1S9209A, RV1S9231A, and RV1S9207A photocouplers are available now.

Author: Yoyokuo