Rohm unveils expanded lineup of shunt resistors

Rohm unveils expanded lineup of shunt resistors

Rohm unveils expanded lineup of shunt resistors

ROHM has unveiled the GMR320 series of shunt resistors featuring a rated power of 10W.

The series is the largest rated power product in ROHM high-power low-ohmic GMR series lineup and has been designed for high power applications in the automotive, industrial equipment, and home appliances.

With growing demand fir lower power consumption in higher power applications this has required shunt resistors that are able to support high power and high accuracy current detection to achieve a high efficiency operation in a variety of applications.

The GMR and PSR series shunt resistors are able to provide highly accurate current protection – even at high temperatures, for high power applications in the automotive, industrial and consumer sectors.

The GMR320 series is offered in a resistance value range from 5mΩ to 100mΩ and a rated power of 10W, making them suitable for automotive engine ECUs and headlamps as well as motors and power supplies for industrial equipment and home appliances.

Unique structure and optimised materials allow the GMR320 series to reduce surface temperature rise by 23% over standard products, ensuring high ruggedness against overcurrent load – even though it has the smallest size among 10W class resistors in the market. In addition, a high-performance metal alloy of the resistive material provides low Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR) that makes reliable and highly accurate current detection possible even in the low resistance values.

With the PSR series, which is widely used as high-power shunt Resistor, the maximum rated power has been increased by up to 15W and the TCR value has been also improved by applying the terminal temperature derating method.

Ultra-low resistances value from 0.1mΩ to 3.0mΩ can be offered, and higher rated power and high accuracy of current detection is provided in a compact package, contributing to greater miniaturisation in automotive and industrial applications same as GMR series.

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