Safe Practice for the Mechanical Processing CNC machined Industry

During the operation of various types of machine tools, it is not allowed to adjust the transmission mechanism or distance, and it is not allowed to touch the driving parts, active workpieces, tools, and other professional appearances during processing, and it is not allowed to measure any dimensions during operation, and to prevent the machine parts from being transmitted across the machine. Submit or pick up items such as tools.Mechanical processing When abnormal sounds are noticed, the vehicle should be stopped and repaired immediately. It must not be operated forcibly or with illness. The machine tool is not allowed to be overloaded.During the machining process of each part, strict implementation of the process law, read the drawings, see the local restraint points, roughness and technical requirements of relevant parts, and set the manufacturing process.The machine must adjust the speed, distance, clamping of workpieces and tools, and wipe the machine to stop it. It is not allowed to break up professional positions while the machine is running. If you want to break up, you must stop and cut off the power.
Machining manipulatorThe raw materials to be processed and the finished products, semi-finished products, and waste materials must be stacked in the designated place, and various tools and knives must be kept complete and excellent.After machining, you must cut off the power supply, remove the cutter, place the handles of each part in the neutral position, and lock the electric lock box.Clean the facilities, clean the iron filings, and fill the rails with smooth oil. In the process of machining various parts, machining must be performed in accordance with this regulation.
Machining execution linkAll operators of various machinery must pass safety training and pass the test before they can work.Machining frontBefore the occupation, strictly apply the defense products according to the law, tie up the cuffs, and do not allow the scarf or gloves to be worn. The female worker argued that she should keep it in her hat. The operator must stand on the foot pedal.It should cope with bolts, distance limits, signals, safety guard (insurance) devices, mechanical transmission parts, electrical parts, and other greasy points. Strict inspections should be held before they are established.All kinds of machine tool lighting use safe voltage, the voltage should not be greater than 36 volts.
cnc machining operation:Work, clamps, tools and workpieces must be firmly clamped. All types of machine tools should be idling at low speed after driving. Only when everything is normal, can they be officially operated.Do not put tools and other things on the machine tool rails and on the professional platform. Iron shavings are not allowed to be removed by hand, and special tools should be used to remove them.Before the machine tool starts, watch the dynamics of the square circle. After the machine tool starts, stand on a safe seat to avoid the moving parts of the machine tool and the splash of iron filings.
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