Samsung will mass-produce quantum dot OLED panels next year, leading the next generation of high-definition technology ahead of schedule?

According to foreign media reports, Samsung confirmed that it will start producing OLED panels with quantum dot technology in 2021, which will fully surpass today’s OLED panels and become the next generation of high-definition TV technology.

Samsung recently held a celebration at its factory in Chungcheongnam-do, where CEO Lee Dong-hoon oversaw the manufacture and delivery of the first batch of sub-dot technology OLED panels.

Samsung Display‘s quantum dot displays use OLED and Samsung’s quantum dot technology to provide better color performance and energy efficiency. Choi Joo-sun, head of Samsung’s large-size panel business, said at the ceremony that although they were affected by the epidemic, their close cooperation with ecological chain partners enabled them to advance their investment in quantum dot panels as planned. With 20 years of experience in technology and large size LCD panels, they will try their best to produce unparalleled quantum dot panels.

Since announcing its plan to invest in quantum dot technology OLED panels in October 2019, Samsung Display has partially dismantled its L8 production line for the production of TV LCD screens, and recently completed the construction of a clean room for its quantum dot technology OLED panel production line.

Starting from the installation of the 8.5-generation vapor deposition equipment, Samsung Display plans to complete the production line of OLED panels with quantum dot technology within this year and start commercial production next year. The company said it will conduct gradual testing before full production.

Samsung Display, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, has also announced that it will stop LCD panel production next year and focus on transitioning to quantum dot panels.

Author: Yoyokuo