Secret of the storage technology of Lingdu driving recorder without missing seconds

Innovation is the eternal truth of the development of an enterprise. If an enterprise cannot continuously innovate, it will soon be replaced by its competitors. The driving recorder industry has developed particularly rapidly in China in recent years, and its innovative technologies are also under continuous development. Among them, the non-missing second storage technology has become an indispensable technology in the industry’s research and development of driving recorders, the so-called non-missing seconds. Storage technology refers to storage in units of frames. In the event of an accident, even if the memory card is abolished or the power supply is loose, it can still save * key image data without causing loss or damage. When an ordinary driving recorder is recording, each recording is about 30 to 60 frames stored once. In the event of an accident, if 30 to 60 frames are not completed, the image data will not be stored, resulting in data loss and incomplete A complete video recording.

The non-losing second storage technology can ensure that there is no interval between recorded videos. Since traffic accidents often occur within a few seconds, every second of the video recorded is very important to the car owner. If If there is a gap between the videos, it is very likely that the moment of the accident will be missed. As the most professional manufacturer of driving recorders in China, the Lingdu brand has been focusing on the R&D and production of driving recorders since its establishment. It is loyal to the industry, and continues to provide high-quality products to serve consumers, and is committed to leading the rapid development of the industry. , And has made major breakthroughs in product development experience, upstream and downstream resource integration capabilities, and after-sales service, providing consumers with a number of cost-effective products. Now Lingdu driving recorder has become a standard product for automobiles. Favored by consumers at home and abroad. Every product it produces is equipped with a storage technology that does not leak seconds.

Each of Lingdu’s driving recorders has a built-in high-speed budget processor, which can process the recorded video at the fastest speed. After a period of recording and saving is completed, it immediately enters the next video recording work without delay or Leaking seconds, you will not miss any moment that happened, and the video can be continuous between the video to ensure the integrity of the driving record. In order to save the video and sound records of the vehicle during driving, the driving recorder needs to use a small capacity storage device such as an SD card to save the video image. However, due to the limited capacity of the SD card, it cannot be recorded for a long time. Therefore, it can only use looping. The way of recording. The specific method is to record in segments. A new file is generated at a certain interval of time. After the card is full, the earliest recorded file is deleted, so as to loop to achieve long-term recording. Many car owners buy driving recorders for the purpose of professional proof at critical moments, and one of the indispensable conditions for professional proof is “not to miss a second.” Ordinary dash cams cannot take 2 to 5 seconds between the two videos. If the memory card is full, the original video will be deleted. The missing shot may reach 9 to 10 seconds or more. In the unlikely event that an accident happens but nothing is captured, the dash cam is a fictitious one. The Lingdu driving recorder not only supports loop recording, the image archive interval does not miss a second, and it is equipped with a three-axis gravity sensor (G-sensor) to support emergency recording, which can ensure that the loop recording is not covered. Mandatory preservation of key records of the accident process, just for proof.

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