Semtech won the 2019 China’s Most Influential IoT Ecosystem Award

Recently, the final list of winners of the 2019 “Internet of Things Star” China Internet of Things industry annual selection was officially released. As an annual selection event that has attracted much attention in the field of Internet of Things, the “Star of the Internet of Things” has been held for 12 consecutive sessions. This year’s selection has attracted nearly 400 outstanding companies in the Internet of Things industry chain to participate, and more than 800 professional judges participated in the voting. , the popularity vote is more than 500,000 people, and it has formed a wide range of influence in the Internet of Things industry.

Semtech won the 2019 China’s Most Influential IoT Ecosystem Award

Semtech (Semtech), as an enterprise that provides leading LoRa IoT solutions and continues to promote the development of the IoT ecosystem in China and the world, won the “2019 China’s Most Influential IoT Ecosystem Award” and “2019 IoT Ecosystem Award” in this selection. China’s Most Influential Smart Home Enterprise Award” two enterprise awards.

Promote the accelerated development of China and the global LoRa ecosystem

Semtech’s LoRa technology entered China in 2013, and it has grown from a nascent technology to a popular IoT technology favored by many operators and enterprises in seven years. In recent years, Semtech has been committed to promoting the development and growth of China’s LoRa Internet of Things industry, and has continuously launched new technologies and products related to LoRa, such as LoRa Cloud geolocation services, LoRa smart home devices, etc. Brand-new LoRa modules and solutions for IoT application scenarios; at the same time, through the development, sales and technical support teams in China, we continue to provide high-quality services to our partners to help them complete the development and implementation of multiple LoRa IoT projects.

Semtech has also carried out a lot of other fruitful work to promote the development of the LoRa ecosystem in China. In addition to participating in the electronics industry and the Internet of Things industry exhibitions for many times, to show the latest progress of LoRa technology for the whole industry, it also organized the “LoRa Ecological Development and Innovative Application Forum”, “Shenzhen International LoRa Internet of Things Summit Forum”, “China LoRa Metering Many LoRa seminars/forums such as seminars and new product launches have built a platform for the LoRa industry chain to exchange innovative applications, business models, development trends and carry out ecological cooperation. At the same time, as a founding member of the LoRa Alliance, Semtech led the establishment of the LoRa Alliance China Working Group to further improve the LoRa ecological chain in China and promote the more orderly development of the LoRa industry in China.

In terms of providing LoRa technology training for partners and more enterprises and developers, Semtech has also continuously launched new services. In May 2019, Semtech announced the opening of registrations for its free educational training service, LoRaWAN Academy, for everyone from large enterprises to individual developers, which provides comprehensive, free educational modules for students, engineers, developers and enterprises , which can support its use of LoRa technology to develop IoT applications. In addition, Gan Quan, Director of IoT Market Strategy of Semtech China, also set up a free LoRa technology course column. Currently, 10 LoRa courses have been launched, providing a high-quality learning platform for LoRa IoT solution and application developers in China.

With the joint efforts of Semtech and a number of LoRa ecosystem partners, the LoRa ecosystem has developed rapidly around the world. As of January 2020, the number of LoRa-based terminal nodes in the world has exceeded 135 million, and the number of LoRa gateways deployed globally has exceeded 550,000, which can support more than 2 billion terminal nodes. LoRa networks have been deployed in more than 140 countries and regions around the world. deployment in the region.

Semtech won the 2019 China’s Most Influential IoT Ecosystem Award

Semtech won the 2019 China’s Most Influential IoT Ecosystem Award

A variety of new products support local area network applications such as smart homes and smart buildings

In recent years, Semtech’s LoRa technology has been well-known because it has the characteristics of long distance, low power consumption and high flexibility, and has outstanding performance in the field of low power wide area network (LPWAN). Now, LoRa can also provide support for low-power local area network (LPLAN) applications such as smart homes and smart buildings.

In 2019, Semtech released the new LoRa smart home device LLCC68d, which expands the market application scope of LoRa from industrial low power wide area network to smart home, community and consumer applications. In 2019, Semtech also released the Smart Building Reference Kit, a set of smart building solutions based on LoRa devices and the LoRaWAN protocol. , environmental conditions, and detection of flooding, etc.

Recently, Semtech launched the LoRa Corecell indoor gateway application reference design, which is specially developed to be compatible with the LoRaWAN protocol and is suitable for applications such as home, building and factory automation, and the RF device of this reference design is suitable for all Sub 1GHz LoRa frequency bands in the world.

Semtech won the 2019 China Most Influential Smart Home Enterprise Award

Continue to provide all-round support for the development of the Internet of Things in China

Facing the future, China’s Internet of Things technology and applications will continue to make progress, and the industrial ecology will become more prosperous. Semtech will continue to increase investment in research and development of LoRa technology, launch more new products and reference designs, and at the same time will increase investment in the Chinese market, provide more diversified services for China’s LoRa partners, and provide China’s various IoT applications provide a full range of support.

Author: Yoyokuo