Silicone products in Medical industry

silicone products are widely used in medical industry ,such as Neurosurgery, otolaryngology, thoracic surgery, abdominal surgery, internal medicine, urology, orthopedics and Plastic surgery, and other categories of artificial skull, artificial nose, stomach, artificial peritoneum, artificial finger joints, artificial skin, soft tissue expander, artificial breasts.
Silicone is a good Performance medical materials .the cost of silicone medicals is very low . Silicone products is practical , not easy to reject reflect and stick with human blood capillary , harmless to our healthy and good biological adaptability .
Second , the features of silicone products  are colorless ,non-toxic ,heat-resistant ,antioxidant ,soft and high transparency .Those features can solve many Medical problem .
Silicone products have a clotting properties ,good biocompatibility ,without teratogenic effect and allergic reaction . Silicone products are good toughness , elastic and excellent processing performance . It is a good choose to be made of many kinds of Medical elastomer products .
Silicone products also can be used in making heart valve prosthesis, artificial lung, bone adhesive, artificial skin, burn dressing, heart pacemaker insulated wire, suture, all kinds of plywood, guide fluid pipe, grafts, the trachea and dental materials, insert materials, birth control necessities, etc. Application is very extensive.


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