Solid solution treatment of titanium alloy bar and titanium alloy forgings

Solid solution treatment and aging is the intensified heat treatment of titanium alloy bar, the purpose is to obtain the comprehensive properties of high strength and good plasticity. There are two ways of solid solution treatment, namely, cemented solution treatment and + cemented solution treatment. The solid solution treatment is 30-100℃ above the transition temperature, 10 to 30min of insulation, air cooling or water floating, mainly suitable for metastable alloy. The solution treatment is 30~60℃ below the transition temperature, 30~120min of insulation, water quenching or oil quenching, mainly suitable for proximal and carbon + alloy.

Combined process, the first step for solid solution, the second step for aging, and according to the series way. This is a comprehensive strengthening process, the two affect each other. Therefore, the factors such as alloy composition, phase change point, original structure before heat treatment, and heat treatment equipment should be considered in the determination of art selection.

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