Solution to blockage of oil filter of single-arm hydraulic machine

The clogging of the oil filter screen of a single-arm hydraulic machine is caused by the clogging of the hydraulic oil. It is obviously not advisable to clean it by conventional methods. Generally, the surface of the filter element will gradually accumulate during the working process of the oil filter, which is a normal phenomenon. The blockage of the single-arm Hydraulic Press mentioned here refers to the serious blockage caused by the failure of the static hydraulic system.

After the oil filter is clogged, it will at least cause poor pump suction, noise, the system cannot suck in enough oil, and the pressure will not rise. There will be a lot of air bubbles in the oil, and the filter element may be blocked due to the increase in pressure. Wear and other failures. The oil filter should be cleaned in time after it is blocked.

  • 1. Clean with a brush: a soft brush should be used to remove the sun dirt on the filter element. An over-hard steel wire brush will damage the mesh and line gap filter elements, causing the sintered particles of the sintered filter element to brush off, and this method is not suitable for paper Quality oil filter. This method is generally combined with solvent cleaning.
  • 2. Blowing of compressed air by hydraulic press: Use compressed air to build up dirt on the opposite side of the dirt filter layer, and the effect of using pulsating airflow is better.
  • 3. The hydraulic machine is cleaned by water pressure: the method is the same as the above, and the two methods are used alternately to achieve better results.
  • 4. Ultrasonic cleaning = Ultrasound acts in the cleaning fluid to remove dirt on your core, but the filter element is a porous material, which has the property of absorbing ultrasonic waves, which may affect the cleaning effect.
  • 5. Heating volatilization method: Some dirt on the oil filter can be removed by speeding up the method. However, it should be noted that carbon dust and solid attachments should not remain in the filter element during heating.

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