Strong alliance with GuardKnox and Corota to provide OTA and network security solutions for automotive OEMs

GuardKnox is a technology company that provides high-performance safety solutions for next-generation mobility, and GuardKnox is a global one-stop vehicle OTA upgrade and remote diagnosis solution provider. Today, Corota and GuardKnox officially announced a strategic partnership to provide automakers with seamless OTA updates and peer-to-peer communication security solutions. Integrating GuardKnox’s deterministic in-vehicle cybersecurity communication lockout solution, Corota will empower auto OEM customers to escort the next generation of safe, connected and autonomous vehicles.

As the next generation of mobile technology matures, OTA upgrades are necessary to make vehicle software and firmware updates more efficient and seamless for automotive OEMs. With Corota OTA upgrades, OEMs can remotely deliver new features, performance enhancements and security patches to enhance the driving experience and vehicle safety. In addition, Corota’s differential technology has obtained a national invention patent, which can greatly reduce the update package by up to 95% and shorten the update time.

Moshe Shlisel, co-founder and CEO of GuardKnox, said: “From mobile phones to computers to now cars, OTA updates are the future. Corota is an indispensable partner for us to provide our customers with amazing vehicles. Services. GuardKnox’s leading safety solutions reduce OEM and Tier 1 vehicle recalls while providing owners with online updates with new features that change the way drivers and passengers interact with their vehicles.”

GuardKnox has pioneered a patented approach to vehicle networking that uses a secure SOA solution that enables any ECU, high performance computer (HPC) or domain controller to be used as a full vehicle computing platform. By integrating SOA capabilities into ECUs, GuardKnox can maximize the functionality and safety of connected and autonomous vehicles, while reducing the complexity of developing custom vehicle software and services, and generating new revenue for OEMs and third parties. In addition, GuardKnox accelerates software development, enables broader functionality, and reduces the cost of developing and maintaining software. Carota’s one-stop OTA solution will work side by side with the GuardKnox SOA platform to achieve a safe landing point for vehicle OTA upgrades.

Mr. Paul Wu, Founder and CEO of Corota, said: “We are delighted to have entered into a strategic partnership with GuardKnox to provide our customers with a secure and comprehensive OTA solution. OTA updates are essential for keeping vehicle software and firmware real-time. Updates are crucial. Corota aims to become the core provider of software services in the field of OTA upgrades and remote diagnostics for connected cars worldwide, and most Chinese automakers have adopted our OTA solution.”

Author: Yoyokuo