Summary of the reasons for the collision at the cnc machining center

When doing cnc machining of workpieces, it often encounters the problem of machining center collision. This will not only affect the processing efficiency, but may even destroy the workpiece, which may cause personal accidents. So what are the reasons for the collision at the cnc machining center?
Cnc machining center
(1) Tool compensation input error is the most common cause of collision
1, the coordinate offset 60 input error
2, the workpiece coordinate G54 and other input errors
3, length G43 compensation H input error or call error
4, radius G41 compensation D input error or call error
5, G40 or G49 or G80 input error
(two) wrong operation
1. Open the wrong program
2, the wrong knife
3, mistake the machining coordinates
4, boot did not return to the origin
5, hand wheel or manual direction error
(3) Special procedures can also cause collisions
1. There is more than one tool change inside the program (the machine will crash due to the tool compensation error)
2. The program returns to the lower cutting point after the knife is cut off at the mechanical reference point (collision plate or screw)
3, the program starts at the beginning of the diagonal line (Z appears in front of H)
4, the safety height is lower than the bottom (clamping plate or nut)
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