Talking about how to regulate the auto parts market


At present, after evaluation, the city has selected more than 20 Grade A enterprises, which are announced to the society on newspapers and TV to promote the Grade A enterprises and expand their influence. In the future, we will also adopt preferential policies in relevant areas to support Class A enterprises, and give full play to the role of state-owned business owners as channels, thereby stabilizing the market and lowering the level of **. Implement one-goods, one-sign, clearly mark the price, indicate the name, model, origin, and manufacturer; strictly implement the price policy, implement the national and local regulations on the difference between the purchase and sale of auto parts, do not increase the price at will, do not buy short, do not increase the price; Do not use “commissions”, “rebates” and gifts for private individuals; do not exceed the scope of operations; use “special invoices for auto parts sales” as required, without other bills; in accordance with the relevant national tax policies and financial management regulations, truthfully reflect the turnover , Pay all taxes and fees in full and in time.

We have done two aspects of work: it is strictly forbidden to sell fake and shoddy products. We cooperate with the technical supervision department to conduct random checks on the quality of the sold accessories. All counterfeit and inferior goods shall be dealt with strictly once they are found, and resolutely crack down on acts of shoddy and fake products. It also has the right to carry out arbitration business for auto parts disputes according to the needs of the society, and accept disputes caused by the quality of parts. Up to now, we have accepted 3 cases, and after patient mediation, they have all been properly handled, recovering 1,640 yuan of losses for users. Not only is it convenient for maintenance companies, but it also enables parts distribution companies to have fixed buyers, reducing intermediate links, and bringing great benefits to both parties. At present, the city’s auto parts distribution industry management has achieved initial results, and the role of industry management has been recognized by the society and is generally welcomed by auto repair companies.

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