Talking about the method to avoid damage to the punch

Punching machines are widely used in stamping and forming of electronics, communications, computers, household appliances, furniture, vehicles, (automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles) hardware parts and components. It has the characteristics of simple operation and good rigidity. With the development of the machinery industry, the utilization rate of punch presses is getting higher and higher, so in the process of use, it is inevitable that the equipment will be worn out, so how to avoid punching damage? Let us find out together.

  • 1. Equipment protection equipment. Because the production batch is small, in the stamping operations that neither complete automation nor use safe stamping tools, safety protection equipment must be installed to avoid damage caused by operating errors.
  • 2. Improve the process, molds and operating methods to complete manual work outside the mold. For example, selecting a stamping manipulator to work can avoid these problems. Regarding mass production operations, these manipulators can not only ensure the safety of stamping operators, but also greatly improve the production power, which is the development direction of stamping skills. It was difficult to automate the production of small batches and various types of stamping. The proper method is to try to choose safe, less labor-intensive, and easy-to-use things to make the operation safer.
  • 3. Transform the stamping equipment to further produce safe and reliable equipment. There are many unsafe elements in the operating system and electrical control system of many obsolete stamping equipment. If you continue to use them for technical transformation to ensure the safety and reliability of stamping equipment.

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