Tang Jie, professor of the Department of Computer Science of Tsinghua University: The application of cognitive intelligence technology in the field of financial investment is the general trend

Recently, the first AI stock in Hong Kong was successfully launched, which once again set off a wave of AI technology in the market. In this regard, Tang Jie, a professor at the Department of Computer Science of Tsinghua University, told reporters that cognitive intelligence technology based on human knowledge graphs will be the next step for human beings. It is the most important gem in the digital development of the stage, and the application of cognitive intelligence technology to various sub-fields, especially the financial investment field, has become the general trend of the industry.

The reporter recently learned that as of now, many investment institutions, including GF Fund, Zheshang Fund, etc., have begun to pilot cognitive intelligence empowerment investment, and the advocacy of cognitive intelligence communication data and other institutions have also predicted that it will be intelligent investment. The next stage of new generational change.

The development of artificial intelligence today is no longer a new concept. After nearly 30 years of development, artificial intelligence has roughly gone through three stages, namely the era of computational intelligence represented by AlphaGo, the era of perceptual intelligence, and the technology considered to be in the field of AI. The age of cognitive intelligence at the top of the pyramid. The so-called perceptual intelligence means that the machine has the perception ability of vision, hearing, touch, etc., structures the multi-dimensional data, and communicates and interacts in a way that is familiar to human beings. The AI ​​”Four Little Dragons” represented by SenseTime focus on The research and application in the field of perceptual intelligence, also because of the characteristics of perceptual intelligence itself, enables it to produce many application products that are closely related to human life, including smart wearable devices, intelligent face recognition, etc. in daily life. According to the communication data Datayes! Pro (Radish Investment) statistics show that in 2021, the A-share smart service sector will increase by 19.94%, the smart home will increase by 10.63%, and the smart manufacturing will increase by 20.1%.

Experts say that cognitive intelligence is a higher generational artificial intelligence application in the field of artificial intelligence than perceptual intelligence. It draws inspiration from brain-like research and cognitive science, combined with cross-domain knowledge graphs, causal reasoning, continuous learning, etc. , endow the machine with human-like thinking logic and cognitive ability, especially the ability to understand, summarize and apply knowledge. The difficulty of cognitive intelligence lies in the fact that AI technology must truly have the ability to read massive data, understand the value of data, mine the value of data, and finally output value clues that humans can understand. At the same time, for investment research, the biggest pain point comes from the efficiency of data processing and the speed of obtaining effective investment leads, which is precisely the problem that cognitive intelligence investment research products can solve.

It is reported that the cognitive intelligence Datayes that Tonglian Data is currently outputting to professional investment institutions! Pro (Radish Investment), this product can help researchers and investment managers to quickly process massive research reports through intelligent search, quick-reading research reports, AI recommendations, 7*24-hour change reminders, etc. and other data to accurately mine valuable investment information; in addition, through more advanced data application functions such as knowledge graph and AI profit forecast, it provides researchers and fund managers with future profit forecasts. These are all new investment paradigms based on Hi+Ai created by Tonglian Data.

The reporter learned that the company received investment from PAG, a top international investment institution, in the third quarter of last year. PAG also values ​​the leading practice of Tonglian Data in cognitive intelligence empowerment investment.

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Author: Yoyokuo