The CNC milling machine three highs and one soft shows its advantages!

The CNC milling machine “three highs and one soft” shows its advantages!

In the production stage of the CNC milling machine, it is necessary to use the milling machine to grind the two sides of the guide rail, the raceway surface, and the installation bottom surface. In the prior art, most milling machines use two grinding heads. After grinding the bottom surface of the guide rail, install it on the worktable to process the two sides of the guide rail. The total length and installation errors of the CNC milling machine will directly affect the guide rail. The movement accuracy of the vice. Even if three grinding heads are used, affected by the structure, or the horizontal grinding head adopts an independent column, the motion distortion accuracy of the worktable is easily affected by the motion distortion accuracy of the CNC milling machine.
With the increasing popularity of the CNC grinder industry, in addition to the various categories of the grinder itself, it also has a strong pertinence, and the CNC milling machine can easily achieve the industry development goal of "three highs and one soft"---high precision , High performance, high efficiency and flexibility.
Due to the diversification of CNC milling machines, it can be more in line with the requirements of processing technology. Similar to CNC grinders, it can be "individualized" customized according to customer needs, but after all, it is machine tool equipment. Cause unnecessary waste of resources.
In addition, my country has been developing two aspects of CNC technology and robotics in recent years. Therefore, my country's CNC milling machine manufacturers and inspection unit manufacturers must conduct research and development according to the characteristics of different products, so as to form a professional and industrialized production model, thereby improving the The overall manufacturing level of the project area.
The CNC milling machine achieves high-precision, high-quality, and high-efficiency grinding processing under computer control. Compared with special grinding machine processing, it can save a lot of special process equipment. Therefore, it also has strong flexible manufacturing capabilities and has obtained economic benefits. The work content of ordinary grinders can be used repeatedly, so a part is successfully trial-produced on a CNC milling machine and repeatedly put into production, so it also effectively reduces the cycle and costs less, and can get better economic benefits.
Author: Zhuna