The Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon Boat Festival



June 18, 2018 is the Chinese traditional festival ——The Dragon Boat Festival.

The origin of the festival was Qu Yuan, a knowledgeable official in ancient China. He was a civil and respected official, but he was framed by a jealous official. Unable to gain the attention of the emperor, Qu Yuan threw himself into the river in melancholy.

Because of the love for Qu Yuan, people near the Miluo River rushed to search for Qu Yuan in the river, and put the rice into the Miluo River to quell the dragon in the Miluo river. Even though they did not find Qu Yuan at that time, their behavior was still remembered today until the Dragon Boat Festival.

The most important event of Dragon Boat Festival is dragon boat racing, and the teams are rowing their colorful dragon boats in a warm drum. This activity was inspired by the riverside residents of the Miluo river who rowed boats in the river to save Qu Yuan, and this tradition has been maintained for centuries.

The most popular food on the Dragon Boat Festival is zongzi, which is wrapped in rice, meat, peanuts, egg yolk and other materials, wrapped in bamboo leaves. The tradition of zongzi comes from the fishermen on the riverside of Miluo, throwing rice into the river to quell the dragon in the river, hoping that they will not eat Qu Yuan.


For celebrating the festival, our company held a event of making zongzi. For most of us, it was the first time to make zongzi. So we felt new. Although our zongzi were not beautiful, and seem to fall apart, it was our first time. 



We prepared from rice to meat, and felt the culture from every link. After making, we also tasted our results. Unexpected more delicious than the zongzi from shop. We thought we can make zongzi by ourselves next year. Through this event, we know more about the culture of the Dragon Boat Festival.



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