The function of hydraulic press is introduced

Hydraulic Press needs to be used in many fields at present. It belongs to the second category in forging machinery standards. Different application fields have different functional requirements. Therefore, there are relatively many types of products sold in the market. When classifying, it is mainly based on the purpose, working mode and fuselage structure.

According to relevant applications, it can be divided into ten groups: forging hydraulic press, which is mainly used for free edging, non-ferrous and iron and steel metal die forging, etc. Different types of equipment have different functional characteristics. Therefore, in the face of so many equipment types, users should choose the most suitable equipment according to their actual needs.

According to the corresponding action modes, it can be divided into upper pressure type, lower pressure type, special type, etc. The corresponding classification methods are different, the specific types will also be different, so the corresponding functions will also be different. Therefore, when clarifying the relevant role, we should first clarify the relevant classification.

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