The function of the overflow valve of the four-column hydraulic press

The relief valve can play the role of pressure relief, safety protection, remote pressure regulation, pump unloading, and hydraulic cylinder back pressure oil return chamber. Dongguan four-column Hydraulic Press manufacturer analyzes the function of the four-column hydraulic press overflow valve.

1.Pressure regulating overflow

When the system uses a quantitative pump to provide throttling and speed regulation, a throttle valve or speed regulating valve is often set on its oil inlet or oil return passage, so that part of the pump oil enters the hydraulic cylinder of the four-column hydraulic press, and the excess oil must pass through the overflow valve Return to the fuel tank. The overflow valve is in a constant state under the adjustment pressure, and the adjustment spring preload also adjusts the system working pressure. Therefore, in this case, the role of the flow valve is to regulate pressure and overflow.

2.Safety protection

When the system uses a variable pump to supply oil, there is no excess oil overflow in the system, and its working pressure is determined by the load. At this time, the flow valve of the four-column hydraulic press connected in parallel with the pump only needs to be opened when overloaded to ensure the safety of the system. Therefore, the overflow valve is also called a safety valve in this system and is often closed.

3.Unload the pump

introduced a quantitative pump system using a pilot-operated impact valve. When the outer valve K of the valve is connected to the oil tank, when the inlet pressure is low, the main valve core can be quickly lifted, thereby removing the pump and reducing energy consumption.

4.Remote pressure regulation

When the external control port (remote control port) of the overflow valve of the four-column hydraulic machine is connected with the overflow valve (or remote control valve), the oil pressure on the main valve core reaches the regulating pressure of the low pressure valve, and the main valve core can release the overflow and realize Remote pressure regulation.

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