The meta universe gives unlimited imagination to the future, and technology allows inspiration to shine into reality

Evolve the “small universe” into a “big universe”

In 1992, the classic science fiction novel “Avalanche” by science fiction writer Neal Stephenson was published. The book depicts a “Metaverse” (Metaverse) that uses technology to link and create, and to map and interact with the real world. Today, this term is interpreted as “meta universe”, a new type of Internet application and social form that integrates multiple new technologies and integrates virtual and reality, “an Internet where you are in it, not just watching.”


The meta universe gives unlimited imagination to the future, and technology allows inspiration to shine into reality

It is conceivable that with the development and penetration of the meta-universe concept, the degree of integration of immersive virtual content (such as games, cartoons, etc.) and immersive physical content (such as media, social networking, film and television, etc.) will become higher and higher. The results of creators based on AR/VR and other devices will be presented in a three-dimensional manner, and the market’s demand for animation artists, 3D character riggers, special effects designers, and composite talents combining art and science will be released accordingly. . The rich content production of creative workers will further attract users to participate in the experience and even participate in the creation, making the “small universe” evolve into a “big universe”, and finally presenting the ultimate form of the next generation of Internet and media integration, and giving users the best immersion Style experience.

Let the inspiration of creative workers shine into reality

And the concept of “meta universe” that can be touched by any age group is cartoon, and the fantasy world created by animation is exactly what animation artists draw for us with their imagination.

For animation artists, creative ability is the core, and data processing and storage capabilities determine creative efficiency. From “The Origin of the White Snake”, “The Rebirth of Nezha”, and then to “The Tribulation of the Green Snake”, producing excellent domestic comics, telling Chinese stories, and spreading Chinese culture have always been the original aspirations of Light Chaser Animation Design Co., Ltd. Few people know that behind these excellent works, Dell Technology Group’s complete animation production and rendering solutions always flash.

According to Chen Qihui, the light-following animation lighting engineer, “The most feared thing in animation production is file crashes, frame dragging, and slow rendering. The performance of the equipment is directly related to our work efficiency. There are many very complicated things in “Green Snake”. There are five to six hundred frames at every turn, and the number of model faces is up to 1 billion. The scene is very large, there are many elements, and involves a large number of special effects and lighting effects. In the production process, the effect of the lens requires repeated trials and calculations. Huge, for example, one shot of “Green Snake” is divided into 210 layers and used about 1880 nodes. This is a huge challenge for artists and IT equipment. Our team uses Precision workstations in different links, which are very smooth. It allows us to achieve excellence in the production cycle.”


The meta universe gives unlimited imagination to the future, and technology allows inspiration to shine into reality

Although the current “meta universe” scenes are still in cartoon or pixel style due to the limitation of computing power; in the field of movie visual effects, CG biological characters can now be fake and real. However, behind these amazing visual effects, the special effects team often requires a lot of rendering time. From models, hair to action effects, each step is extremely professional, and the requirements for the performance of the device’s memory, CPU, and graphics card are various. There are differences, so for the special effects team, having a lightweight, durable, and powerful work device can make them bolder in artistic creation and technological breakthroughs.

As a full-process high-end film and television special effects studio, K2 VFX is best at biological character simulation. When sharing his experience with Dell Precision mobile workstation, its visual effects director said: “I am using this workstation to render the wolf model. It only took two minutes when I was working on it. It can be said that its performance has been quite outstanding. For us, color reproduction, special effects rendering, and the lightness and portability of the device are very important. The Precision workstation can well meet these needs.”


The meta universe gives unlimited imagination to the future, and technology allows inspiration to shine into reality

Help a new generation of creative workers explore the infinite possibilities of the future

With the accelerated release of the market’s demand for compound talents that combine art, design, and science and technology, universities and colleges also hope to help students prepare for their careers and benefit from the growth of the industry. Texas A&M University’s Visualization Department is one of the world’s top faculties, and its head Tim McLaughlin hopes to use powerful workstations to help students increase their creativity and deploy VR technology to game applications and artistic creation. More He bought 20 Dell Precision 7000 series mobile workstations equipped with 17-inch displays when he set up the “Visualized Immersive Reality Laboratory”. Space, but it is a bit like a powerful tower in performance. It can run various applications efficiently, save hours of rendering time, and enable teachers and students to explore new creative angles faster and easier, which improves Their creativity has really helped them expand the scope of VR creation.”


The meta universe gives unlimited imagination to the future, and technology allows inspiration to shine into reality

In another work of art completed in collaboration with the school’s dance department, the teachers and students in the laboratory used Dell Precision mobile workstations to build a fascinating underwater virtual reality environment. The user wears a VR head-mounted Display and a wearable controller. Navigate through bioluminescent particles. “Using Precision workstations, students can combine tools and technology in novel ways to solve difficult design and research problems. When they graduate, VR technology will definitely be further developed, and we are sure that Dell will continue to stay ahead and continue Provide us with the tools we need.”

The progress of science and technology is constantly accelerating, and technology plays an important role in enhancing and realizing human potential. Whether it is artificial intelligence and drug discovery, or autonomous driving and extended reality technology, Dell Technology Group has never stopped exploring the infinite possibilities of the future. Perhaps for creative workers, the changes in the meta-universe are coming, and what Dell wants to do is to use the power of technology to remove the shackles of reality, to completely release the imagination and inspiration of creators, and to the future. Go further.

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