The registered capital is 120 million US dollars!The seventh largest semiconductor packaging and testing project in the world presses the start button

Recently, United Test Ute semiconductor (Yantai) Co., Ltd., wholly-owned by Singapore United Technology, was registered and established in Shandong Yantai Development Zone. The registered capital of the project is 120 million US dollars, marking the construction of the seventh largest semiconductor packaging and testing project in the world. Press the start button.

It is understood that Singapore United Technologies is a packaging and testing company wholly-owned by Beijing Zhilu Asset Management Co., Ltd., the seventh largest integrated circuit packaging and testing company in the world, and the third largest automotive Electronic packaging and testing company. Level and wafer level packaging technology was introduced into Yantai, and a world-class packaging and testing base and R&D center were built in the development zone.

On September 16, Yantai Economic and Technological Development Zone signed a contract with Beijing Zhilu Asset Management Co., Ltd. for the packaging and testing project, and the Singapore United Technology Project officially settled in Yantai.

According to previous reports from Yantai Daily, the implementation of this project will introduce United Technologies’ world-leading automotive-grade semiconductor packaging technology and wafer-level advanced packaging and testing technology and production lines. First, it will meet the development of new energy vehicles, 5G, Internet of Things and other industries. The strong demand for semiconductor chip products is to meet the rapid development of domestic semiconductor design enterprises, and the third is to effectively enhance the technical capabilities of the domestic high reliability and advanced packaging industry. The fourth is to lay a solid foundation for Yantai to develop the semiconductor industry and promote the implementation of the strategy of converting old and new kinetic energy.

Author: Yoyokuo