The Taiyuan Railway Police Destroyed the Criminal Gang That First Smashed Railroad Tracks and Destroyed More Than 70 Crimes., Taiyuan, February 13 (Reporter He Weitong) The railway “Ghost” provided news that criminal gangs ran a lot of railroad rails. Recently, the Taiyuan Railway Police destroyed the criminal gang and solved more than 70 cases.

A few days ago, the Taiyuan Railway Public Security Bureau Yuci Station police station received an alarm saying that some people were cutting the spare rails in the Nantong Line. After the workers in the work area stopped at the scene, the people who cut the rails drove away. Liang Shengbo, a policeman at the Yuci station police station, said that after the police arrived at the scene, the two 25-meter-long spare rails next to the railway line were cut into 18 pieces, each of which was about 2 meters long and about 10 meters away. Spare rails that have not been completely cut.

According to eyewitnesses, there are about six people involved in the theft. They have a clear division of labor, with professional cutting tools and vehicles for crimes. The Taiyuan Railway Police believes that this is likely to be a group of theft gangs that specialize in stealing railway spare rails or other facilities and equipment, and immediately form a task force to detect the case.

Through a large number of interview investigations, video screening and professional technical investigation methods, the police handling the case locked the vehicles, the perpetrators and their hiding places. On the second day of the incident, four suspects were arrested.

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