Transient suppressors for CAN and CAN-FD in vehicles

Transient suppressors for CAN and CAN-FD in vehicles

Called ESDCAN03-2BM3Y, it has two bidirectional suppressors with a common connection in a 1.1 x 1.0mm package and can clamp as low as 33V with 1A 8/20µs transients, or 37V with a 16A transmission-line pulse – peak pulse rating is 3.3A.

It passes ISO 16750-2 jump-start and reversed-battery tests, and withstands 15kV ESD contact discharge to ISO 10605.

“On top of CAN and CAN-FD, the line capacitance of 3.3pF allows the TVS to protect high-speed and high-data-rate buses such as FlexRay and USB,” according to the company. “In addition, such minimal capacitance eases PCB design by allowing extra margin when laying out signal paths.”

Maximum junction temperature is 175°C.

50nA leakage current at 24V (25°C) eases battery drain for always-on use.

The package is a lead-less DFN1110 (QFN-3L) with wettable flanks for automatic optical inspection.

Applications are foreseen ECUs (electronic control units) for driver assistance systems, autonomous driving controllers, and automotive gateways.

The ESDCAN03-2BM3Y product page is here

Author: Yoyokuo