Trouble shooting method of CNC lathe

Under normal circumstances, an alarm message will be displayed when a fault occurs. According to the troubleshooting methods in the manual, solutions can be found for most failures.

Of course, there are some shortcomings in the use of CNC lathes, that is, there is no alarm, and this phenomenon is not obvious.

In this case, it is not as simple as documentation.

For this kind of fault handling, when the maintenance personnel lack certain work experience, the handling often makes wrong judgments, causing unnecessary economic losses or prolonging the maintenance time.

In order to find out the cause of this kind of failure, we must first find out the real phenomenon from various surface phenomena, and then find out the cause of the failure from the confirmed failure phenomenon.

The following summarizes some troubleshooting methods for CNC lathes:

Failure case 1. In the use of CNC lathe, manual movement is normal. When moving back to zero, it will not move after moving a certain distance. Restart the manual movement and use the economical CNC on the ordinary CNC lathe.

The stepping motor, when moved manually, when the speed is slightly slower and automatically returns to zero normally, the fast moving distance is long, and mechanical paper jam occurs.

The analysis based on the failure is mainly due to mechanical reasons.

This kind of failure often occurs without paying attention to maintenance, so attention should be paid to work to avoid this phenomenon.

Failure case 2: After power-on, there is no display on the CNC lathe screen, and the failure cannot be eliminated. The first is to make the screen work properly.

Sometimes it only shows part of the reason.

But in many cases, there may be multiple failures.

Press the power switch on the operation panel of the FANUC SERIESO-TD system. The red and green indicator lights are on. Check whether the switches and main components of the cabinet are abnormal. There is no problem with all control circuits. Turn off and turn on again, the fault is the same.

After investigation, due to the harsh working environment, the grounding wire of the machine tool was loose, causing static electricity to cause this fault.

After grounding, it is normal to start the system in MODE1 mode.

Fault situation 3: In the numerical control equipment, the most error-free machine tool error or size is not as large as when the CNC lathe appears in the diameter direction.

The reason for this failure is usually that the coupling structure of the lead screw and the motor has a different frequency and the possibility of failure, and the phenomenon is different after the failure. Some sizes will only increase in the negative direction, but some are positive and negative.

The possibility of changing direction will occur. According to experience, the elastic coupling in the middle of the coupling is basically a negative increase, and two failures in the middle of the key connection will occur.

Failure case 4: In the process of turning the thread on the CNC lathe, the thread processing began to think that there was a problem with the system software.

After deleting the original software, the system will be reinstalled, and the system failure has not been eliminated.

The post-analysis may be a mechanical failure. After opening the cover, it was found that the mechanical connection between the spindle and the spindle encoder was loose. After recalibration and repair, the fault is eliminated.

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