UK made: H.264 video streamer has four NTSC/PAL/RS-170 sources

UK made: H.264 video streamer has four NTSC/PAL/RS-170 sources

Called XStream-SD4, “this ruggedized SWaP-optimised solution is tailor-made for even the harshest military and industrial applications”, according to company founder and CEO Lee Foss.

On-board is a dedicated hardware compression engine capable of encoding all four video channels at full size and full frame-rate with <40ms latency. It also supports four channels of audio that can be captured and streamed with the video data.

UK made: H.264 video streamer has four NTSC/PAL/RS-170 sourcesThe ITU-T H.264 (ISO/IEC 14496-10) encoding supports: baseline profile. main profile (I,P frame coding only), high profile (I, P frame coding only) at level 4.1, 4x D1 encode at full frame rate, variable bit rate (VBR), and constant bit rate (CBR).

The four analogue inputs have anti-aliasing filters and 10bit ADCs.

For external storage there is a SATA interface, then an SDcard slot for on-board storage.

100/1,000MBit Ethernet is provided for RTSP/RTP streaming and control.

For mechanical convenience the module has the standard PC/104 form and can be mounted on a PC/104 stack, with the embedded CPU removing the need for a host CPU or driver software or OS software.

Operation is from a single +5V supply and over -40 to +85°C – or more with the extended temperature option.

XStream-SD4 is made in the UK.

Established in 1993, Advanced Micro Peripherals is based in Cambridgeshire and is an ISO-9001 registered design and manufacturing company.

The XStream-SD4 product page is here


Author: Yoyokuo